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How to Efficiently Monetize Your ServiceNow Items?

Posted by Petri Takala
Feb 8, 2018 11:36:27 AM


Certified ServiceNow integration for pricing, billing and monetization

Service Transformation Calls for New Business Systems

Since its birth in 2004 ServiceNow has pioneered its way to position as leading IT Service Management (ITSM) software. And beyond!

ServiceNow is not limited to IT Services but is implemented in many other industries with increasing frequency.

We are living in an era of services transformation and growth - “Servitization”. Service management tools now easily take their place among the essential operational business systems

ServiceNow Data Brings Value in External and Internal Service Management

Many companies use ServiceNow to serve customers in the traditional meaning of a customer, many use it for internal operations serving internal customers. Many use ServiceNow increasingly for both internal and external service providing operations as we are seeing high growth of “as-a-Service” business model.

For both external and internal use, ServiceNow accumulates valuable data for operations optimization, business development and cost management. There are tools for analytics, optimization, monitoring. Cost allocations can be defined. There are KPI’s and metrics to set and follow.

Demanding Service Combinations Call for Flexible Billing and Monetization

Modern service businesses cater for demanding customer needs. ServiceNow supports in operating various service configurations and processes

On top of service management, modern service business often requires dynamic billing models, such as pay-per-use and pay-per-outcome. Dynamic pricing models require flexibility to define and record value based on configuration data and volume/usage data.

Demanding service needs and service combinations unfortunately seldom lead to one-dimensional pricing and simple billing process.

Even a typical need of moving from a ‘fixed monthly fee’ to a pricing model with a ‘fixed fee and a variable part’, will likely lead to inefficient manual processes, if suitable tools are not used.



Recurring revenue business models often require flexible pay-per-use pricing models

That is why Service providers need extensive pricing, billing and end-to-end monetization functionality. Such functionality is not part of the ServiceNow solution, but such is available with a ServiceNow certified integration.

Ps. See also Recurring Revenue - Easy or Difficult?


How is digitalization changing your business? Let us show you. 

“We at Good Sign have developed on option to break through the billing inefficiency bottleneck: Good Sign’s dynamic billing is integrated to ServiceNow using ServiceNow API. Simple and Efficient. ServiceNow Certified.“


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Petri is the Chief Operating Officer and also leads Good Sign’s solution evolution for selected industries. Petri is an experienced business leader with a strong background on business management systems within several industries.


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