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Good Sign for Energy & Utilities


Energy and utilities industry is transitioning on a number of areas. Renewable energy, circulation, circular economy, distributed energy resources and local small scale energy production are some of the challenges and opportunities many energy generators deal with today. Changing regulation and pressure for lower Co2 requires constant change.

At the same time for example intelligent energy and water consumption metering, intelligent facilities management, electric vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) qre creating new kind of ecosystems.

Customers are expecting smart services and prefer green values. Altogether this means that new business models are needed.


"Good Sign’s solution helps us to streamline our sales and logistics management processes. I’m expecting a significant reduction in efforts and costs needed to manage our deliveries and invoicing. I’m glad that now we can focus on more value creating tasks. Now we are also able to monetize performed services faster than before”

VP, Fortum Horsepower

Anssi Paalanen



Speeding change requires new flexibility on both business strategy and execution as well as the business supporting tools. Existing IT systems are based on the traditional business models and are often too inflexible, expensive and difficult to manage to gain needed progress in for example:

  • Subscription based customer contracts with more elements and dynamic variation
  • Launching and tuning new pricing models
  • Change in customer role where a customer can also be a supplier
  • Clearing between parties of the ecosystem
  • Efficient service management with smart customer tools
  • Ability to offer mass-tailored services
  • Pilot or test-run new business models and ideas
  • Usage data based pay-per-use or pay-per-outcome business models and pricing rules
  • Easy integration to various data sources
  • Improving Internal efficiency and reducing manual work


What Good Sign Solution Offers

Good Sign Software offers tools for Energy and Utilities generator or distributor to be able to manage the changing business landscape. Good Sign is a cloud-based solution and implementation is easy. Implementing Good Sign does not mean replacement of existing ERP as Good Sign complements the current IT landscape bringing new capabilities. Good Sign offers for example:

  • Automatic management of orders and intelligent recurring orders
  • Rule – based pricing and billing to master even the most complex customer contract, even in the case where customer also acts as a supplier and clearing is needed
  • Orchestration to read meter data or any usage data in to process and pricing
  • Portal to share information with customers, partners and the entire ecosystem where Increased external transparency increases customer satisfaction
  • Internal rule-based costing through the service chain adds internal transparency and efficiency
  • Ability to mix business models and bring new services easily into the market
  • Ability to make easy proof of concepts and simulations
  • API for easy connectivity