Megatrends, New Competition and Regulation Are Challenging Financial Institutions.


Good Sign for Financial Services


Consumers are questioning traditional customer service and expecting transparency combined with modern digital services.

Change of ownership towards access and an overall paradigm change from products to services creates great new business opportunities while old business models will be challenged.

Leasing is strongly going towards usage-based leasing with dynamic usage, contract term and pricing instead of currently common fixed monthly fee model.

New insurance models with condition-based, usage-based and value-based coverage are introduced supported by IoT technologies providing true data.

Increasing number of new players are entering financial services field. Fintech changes the industry. At the same time regulation, such as PDS2 in Europe, is changing the landscape rapidly.

Existing players launch new services and form service ecosystem partnerships. It is also a must for existing players to increase internal efficiency and decrease service operation costs.



Financial service providers need to increase the ability to bring new services to market.

Many services also combine capabilities of several players and cross traditional industries requiring capabilities to manage service ecosystems.

Customers are expecting digital services with flexibility and transparency which is challenging current capability from strategic planning to tools. Inflexible IT solutions face severe difficulties in for example following areas:

Good Sign Solution for Financial Services


Good Sign Solution is a cloud-based software for digital services management and billing. Good Sign offers Financial service providers and service ecosystems a modern set of features and data capabilities needed to bring new services timely to market. True end-to-end digitalization together with rule-based pricing and costing will increase internal efficiency, improve cost structure and orchestrate automated actions and financial transactions - also throughout an ecosystem of partners.