Digitalize Your Customer's Service Experience

Usage- and Subscription Based Recurring Billing Automation

Intelligent Digital Services Monetization

End-to-End Service Business Digitalization 


Welcome to a New Services Environment

Pick any major company. They're either exploring digitalization or have their hands full trying to bring practical, profitable sense to it all. Enter intelligent service business automation. It enables new service models and pricing schemes creating new opportunities for your business. 


Good Sign's digital services growth platform lets you take on a new ecosystem by connecting, managing, enriching, sharing and monetizing in the Internet of Things and Services:



Connect IoT & ICT devices and systems to end user services.


Manage variable service models and service contract conditions.


Enrich with external data to create process intelligence and innovative pricing models.


Share your service process with anyone relevant to your business.


Monetize digital service business with intelligent charging and billing automation.


Who We Serve

Good Sign's intelligent automation software replaces manual complexity with digitalized flexibility. More creative & efficient business models. Higher value add for your customers.

We serve forerunner digital service businesses

Software to Digitalize Your Business

Intent on transforming your business model? Creating advantage where none existed a few years back? Improving operations? Good Sign Solutions software helps manage a range of activities all crucial to compete in IoT including:

Reduction in Request Handling Times


See how AinaCom, a Finnish IT communication services company, wanted to deliver configure-to-order service chains automatically and bill pay-per-use service contracts automatically, transparently and intelligently. They chose Good Sign and reduced request handling times by 33%. 

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Flexibility, Transparency & Efficiency. By Design.

Everyone talks about tomorrow. But business happens today and a practical partner like Good Sign can help your business realise the services your customers expect.

Learn more about our digital services growth platform. Check out some key concepts that can be vital to your business.

The Right Time to Act is Now. Why?

With 75% of companies exploring digitalization, business is changing. Competing requires a new mindset. It demands new generation technologies that are quick to setup and easy to manage.

The opportunities brought by digitalization are amplified and interconnected - 50 billion devices will soon be connected to the internet.

There is an ongoing shift from product sales to service business. This shift, combined with digilatization and the internet of Things, will create a mighty 'Internet of Services.'

Digitalization enables competitive collaborative business models which allow customers and users to achieve more value  - more easily.

Manual processes in engaging customers, provisioning services and billing are slow and inaccurate – and a waste of resources.

What Do You Need To Do To Get To A New Level In Service Pricing?

In her blog Good Sign's Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen notes, that if you wish to ease and automate service pricing and billing, start from existing data and existing processes. Digitalize as-is first. 

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Digitalize and automate for higher business results

By digitalizing service contracts, service chains and billing, businesses in digitalized telecom, IT & internet of things services can achieve dramatic savings in lead times and handling costs.

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