Customers Expect New Digital Value and Customized but Efficient Services



Good Sign for IT Services


The power of digitalized processes and transparent information is further transforming the way business is done. Your customers are loyal to the value you can bring. The more integrated your services throughout the complete service ecosystem the higher the value.

Customers value easy access to services. They want self-service to activate and view their service eligibility. They want extensive services offering tailored to their individual tastes and needs. Customers are expecting vendors to provide á-la-carte combinations of services. Customers today expect to pay per use and per capacity. Also paying for availability and performance as well as hybrid service setups are increasing. Service Providers are expected to both combine and split billing items according to each customers’ business organization and specific cost allocation structures.

Time and resources should be ever more dedicated to adding value.

These requirements pose a challenge to IT Service Providers’ product management and back office functions because the traditional supply chain driven ERP/financial tools do not offer the required service flexibility nor usage-data mediation.

This has resulted in massive manual effort in managing contracts, managing changes and gathering billing data from service delivery source systems and IT service management systems - typically with Excel spreadsheets – causing increased costs and increased working capital due to prolonged invoicing cycle.

Customer specific variation is a major scalability issue when processes are manual.

Also the constant pressure on the service providers’ margins is calling for automation to eliminate accuracy issues and stop excess manual work.




ICT Industry has been a forerunner in changing its business model from selling assets towards full-service solutions including usage-based billing. Communication service providers have introduced and mastered volume subscription business. IT industry has invented the as-a-service business models such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and XaaS while mastering also complex and customer-specific service portfolios.



IT Service Providers must remove barriers to flexibly offer end customers what they want and yet automatically provision multi-layered services and bill customer-specific usage and pricing schemes with full financial transparency.

IT Service Providers gain competitive advantage from being able to offer customized services cost efficiently with:

  • Ability to bring new services easilyinto the market
  • Ultimate flexibility to automate any ICT and IoT pricing models including complex and variable price drivers eg. pay-per-use, flat fees, packages, over-usage, discounts, SLA effects, commissions and clearing.
  • Ability to automate complex customer contracts and subscriptions
  • Business platform to offer combined services with a service ecosystem
  • Cost savings via robust and scalable rule-based automation of billing data collection
  • Rule-based intelligent automation to billing, charging and clearing of services.



  • Transparent chain from contract and service transactions to billing data and financial transactions
  • Mediated, consolidated and validated data in a detailed level for customer analysis and service business forecasting and price simulations
  • Customer self-service portal and role-based usage
  • Orchestration for integration to different data sources and services
  • API for easy connectivity
  • Data management engine for managing usage data for pay-per-use, also in real time


The Good Sign Solution eliminates:

  • Operational difficulty in monetizing services which are priced and packaged according to customer specific requirements
  • Slow and costly ITSM and ERP modifications to enable new business models
  • Excel spreadsheets and manual labor in gathering and pricing billing data
  • Manual labor in producing invoices to each customers’ business organization and specific cost allocation structures.

Our Customers are 100% guaranteed for being able to launch new digital service business models and pricing schemes.

Our Customers uncover 10% non-billed revenue resulting in 40% profit increase with 70% improved cash flow and 90% of manual administration eliminated.



What Good Sign Solution Offers

Good Sign’s SaaS solution offers usage-based billing data automation, real-time digital services monetization and end-to-end service business digitalization. Good Sign connects dynamically with any IT, Telecom and Internet of Things devices, data and systems enabling intelligent automation and effective monetization of Internet of Services.

Good Sign offers for example:

Flexible Processing Rules and Financial Transparency

  • Automated invoice consolidation and splitting by customer specific requirements and allocation rules
  • Automated support for contract revenue recognition in compliance with IFRS15
  • Dynamic asset financing, leasing billing, residual value and term handling
  • Service costing, transfer pricing, vendor clearing, reseller provisioning
  • Service profitability data and simulation

End-to-end Digitalization

  • Powerful orchestration engine capable of commanding internal and external digital services within the service environment with many customers and partners.
  • Orchestrated service activation and change management in operational systems end-to-end starting from customer self-service.
  • Automate a customer prepayment requirement or a service freeze based on certain rules and triggers.

Billing Data Automation

  • Recurring billing on customer specific intervals and schedules
  • Usage, output and performance based billing
  • Service work billing with multiple price drivers such as contract, employee, work type and elevated times
  • Usage data import, mediation, validation and consolidation


  • Connectivity to IT service systems, devices, data clouds as well as service management and ERP systems
  • Automated invoice transfer to customers via invoice operator, banking solutions and/or financial systems
  • Customer portal and API interfaces for sharing information with customers and partners

Versatile Business Models and Pricing

  • Enabling flexible business models and pricing in the most complex scenarios
  • High versatility in pricing schemes and complex customer specific pricing with variable charge drivers




"What we needed was a next generation mediation and billing system. Honestly? It was something that didn't exist."

Tero Lappalainen
Head of Tools & Automation
Managed Infrastructure Services EMEIA at Fujitsu









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