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Taija Engman - Good Sign

Taija Engman, CEO

Taija is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of Good Sign. Taija is a goal oriented, experienced business leader with over 20 years of customer oriented working experience in heading businesses and leading projects. She is enthusiastic about bringing Customers value through effectiveness and efficiency.

Previously Taija Engman worked at Fujitsu for 15 years. Her latest responsibility at Fujitsu was to lead ICT Service Development and Solution Consultancy at Fujitsu Services Nordic as a member of the Management Team.

Prior to the 4 years in Service Development, Engman headed Applications Business Unit and Midmarket Business Unit. Engman holds Master of Science in Industrial Management at Helsinki University of Technology, where her concentrations were Business and IT.


Petri Takala, COO

Petri is the Chief Operating Officer and also leads Good Sign’s solution evolution for selected industries. Petri is an experienced business leader with a strong background on business management systems within several industries.

Previously Petri Takala worked for ADP Dealer Services and its predecessor Automaster for 7 years, heading a new global business area, and heading Nordic HR as his two latest responsibilities. Earlier experience Petri had with 7 years at Fujitsu in operations management, sales and software development.

Juha Korsimaa - Good Sign

Juha Korsimaa, CTO

Juha is the Chief Technology Officer and one of the Founders of Good Sign. Juha’s mission is to simplify the indefinite, to remove the redundant and to automate the rest. Juha is renowned for his industry expertise and he promotes innovation. Good Sign Customers know Juha for his hands on advice on streamlining customer processes via existing and novel features of Good Sign.

Previously Juha Korsimaa worked at Fujitsu for 21 years. His latest responsibility at Fujitsu was Senior Development Officer working on offering management in Scandinavia, Baltic and Russia concerning Telecom services; Fixed telephony, mobile telephony, data communications and mobility products. Earlier responsibilities in Fujitsu were among others Director of Mobile and Internet Services and Manager of Professional Services.

Miika Flink - Good Sign

Miika Flink, Director of Solution Development

Miika is the Director of Solution Development and one of the Founders of Good Sign. Miika is highly experienced in operational procedures, architectures, systems development, and interfacing with wide variety of environments. Miika can bring the best out of Good Sign development team in providing customer value and supplying high quality solutions to advanced customer requirements. He promotes process automation as a tool for reducing customer’s work load and furthermore for keeping development resources available for new innovation.

Previously Miika Flink worked at Fujitsu for 11 years during which Miika was engaged in numerous development projects. His latest responsibility at Fujitsu was heading the development of Fujitsu operator/ASP business support systems for 5 years.

Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen - Good Sign

Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen, Lead Consultant of Service Digitalization

Mervi is the Lead Consultant of Service Digitalization in Good Sign. Mervi is developing the efficiency of service providing, subscribing and billing for our customers, and she is building up new service business opportunities for customers. Mervi is an enthusiastic and high-performing business professional with many years of prior experience of IT services and project management.

Within her career earlier, she has been leading large transformational projects and service capability development within UPM-Kymmene, Rautaruukki and Fujitsu. She has also acted as a Deputy Chairman of the Board for IT Service Management Forum Finland and is still an active contributor in the itSMF community.

Tiina Oksamo-Lahtinen - Good Sign

Tiina Oksamo-Lahtinen, Head of Customer Support

Tiina is the Head of Customer Support in Good Sign. Tiina´s main responsibility is to ensure the operational support of Good Sign`s existing clients. She is managing support activities, troubleshooting customer problems and advising our customers. Tiina is a versatile team player and an accomplished consultant with many years of prior experience of customer education and customer support processes.

Within her earlier career, Tiina has been working as a customer support engineer in a large Finnet Group company for thirteen years handling customer support, product development and reporting. She has also taken part in large transformational projects in Elisa and DNA.

Henry Heinämä - Good Sign

Henry Heinämä, CFO

Henry is the Chief Financial Officer of Good Sign. Besides Henry´s main responsibility in financial management, he is also responsible for administration and human resources management.

Henry is a diligent business and company administration professional with educational background of triple degree in business information technology, business and administration.

Along with working full-time in Good Sign, Henry is also studying law at the University of Helsinki.

Franz Reuchlein (USA) - Good Sign

Franz Reuchlein, VP Sales - USA

Franz is The Vice President Sales in Good Sign in the United States. He has over 20 years of technology experience with innovative companies such as Symbol Technologies and Nokia Inc. He's led large organizations, teams and change initiatives in operations, sales and marketing and product launch management and responsible for project portfolios of $100 million per annum.

Franz has earned an MBA from Dowling College in NY and conducted additional graduate work in design and innovation management at Kendall College through FSU focusing on the human-centric product and service design, the changing pace of innovative development life-cycles, and innovation leadership working projects with design leading companies in West Michigan.

Franz is currently excited about putting the right tools in the right hands to improve service designs, customer service experiences, service operations excellence and overall profitability.



"In Good Sign, you always get the opportunity to learn and develop, take on new responsibilities, try something new."

Good Sign Tiina Head of Customer Support

Head of Customer Support

Career Stories

Our Good Sign team is a united group of professionals summing up to hundreds of years of experience and innovation in service development, service management, service operations management, service automation, and billing within IT and telecoms. We take pride in serving the evolving needs of our customers and in our dynamic software development.


Pasi, Development Manager

I have worked with some of my colleagues since 1995 when I started as a trainee at my previous employer. At Good Sign I've been since the beginning. I'm basically a developer with the emphasis on the database layer, but there is also a lot of other things to do. For example, managing databases, installing new servers, upgrading old ones, helping to fix and debug customer support cases, managing our internal version control, reporting and ticketing systems etc. At a company this size there is always the option to either focus completely on your primary task or to branch out into different areas. I especially like trying out new software or components that we might use in our products.

I'm currently working part-time. I started it in 2000 when I went to university and when I graduated, we then had our first kid. My wife and I took turns taking care of him every other day. And while he's already in school we now have the same arrangement with our younger child. I don't have much spare time, but whenever I can, I like to jog to work. It's a great way to combine exercise into your working day.


Ossi, Support & Development Analyst

I have worked at Good Sign for 5 years now. My main task is the development of our customer self-service portal and partner service portal solutions. I am looking after the dynamics of the tasks performed and the efficiency of the user experience. I can take my technical versatility into use also within customer support analysis and being involved in database management.

My educational background is a double degree from Helsinki Business College and Upper Secondary School. During my studies, I did my 6 month internship at JAS Partners where I worked as a software tester.

I am a flexible employee. It suites me well to work at any hour of the day. Good Sign is a relaxed and flexible workplace where you can always find suitable and challenging tasks matching your competences. In my free time I like to go to the gym, play with my two cats and of course hang out on a computer. 




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