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Launch New Competitive Service Models.

Offer XaaS. Monetize IoT. Automate ICT. 

Drive Value. Reduce Cost. Increase Speed and Quality.


Orchestrate Service Intensive Supply Chain Management and Operations 

Good Sign solves many of the issues making IoT look unpractical. For example, you can now orchestrate service intensive supply chain management and operations supporting variability in user specific requirements, locations, service levels, suppliers and varied technologies.


Our SaaS Platform takes your data, enables automation, creates a deeper understanding of operational service information as well as decision making.

So go ahead and reduce manual overhead through intelligent service design, deployment and provisioning. 




Service Business Creation

Variability and complexity have become more prevalent as more demanding customers expect more from service delivery and improved customer responsiveness. Good Sign supports that complexity through a hierarchical service product structure, and with financial management can improve cash flow by 20-30 days.

Managing sold and enabled service require faster response time and faster change management. Good Sign enables automated response to even complicated processes and enables service managers to quickly react to changing requirements.


"Good Sign is a vetted industry player for over 7 years with a proven customer base, yet constantly striving to stay relevant in a changing Internet of Things environment."

Taija Engman, CEO Good SIgn Solutions

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Intelligent Service Experience

Intelligent service experience is predicated upon users and customers being able to receive, find and manage information quickly. Notifications instead of scanning reports is a critical part of today’s operating systems environments. 

Good Sign provides access to information with the devices you need to use in hand or on desk everyday.

Service Billing Automation

Most ERP or service operating systems manage flow of information, but may not support the level of detail necessary to support complex service contract or service level agreements.


Good Sign digitally manages those contracts and can provide accurate and fast bills to customers. For example, if you charge customers a different amount based upon usage. Intelligent.


in request handling times

AinaCom's billing environment was a complicated, multi-vendor patchwork of systems with limited functionality in service provisioning. They replaced all the partial systems with one centralized management platform and created the billing system of the future - today. The benefits were immediate. 

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Service Provisioning Automation

Responsiveness can be slower with longer request queues and help desk personnel trying to wade through them. It's a familar pattern our customers encounter every day, but it does not have to relate to your services.

Good Sign automates requests based upon rules for not just simple tasks but complex decision based tasks as well. That means much quicker customer response times. 

Service Desk Integration

Service desk software supports a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way information technology (IT) is used within an organization, but often lacks underlying automation.


And that's where we come in. Good Sign can integrate with many of your top service desk software solutions and add the layer of automation necessary to eliminate manual labor. Really.


in billing personnel

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