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Software to Digitalize Service Business

Good Sign’s software is built with rule-based intelligent automation and orchestration. Monetize connected services and digitalize service processes end-to-end. Share appropriate transparent data with your customers and partners.

Replace Complexity with Intelligent Flexibility

No more complexity. No need to create overly complex modification to your ERP to handle usage and output based services. No need to “fake it until you make it” trying to survive with Excel spreadsheets, post-it notes and semi-manual processes for pricing and billing fit-for-customer and pay-per-use services. No need to invest in trying to develop propietary inflexible service engines.

Designed for Modern Digital Service Providers

Good Sign’s software is a business support system for service providers and service ecosystems. Digitalize your customers’ service experience. Digitalize your customers’ service contract contents to drive automated service billing and provisioning.


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"Understanding just how to transform digital vision into practical business is the key to success. At Good Sign Solutions, we've created an intelligent software for digital services growth. Service contracts, subscriptions, billing and provisioning can be managed according to the new needs of a modern customer. Fast. Easy."

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Intelligent Automation Extends Business Capability

Near-term challenges are linked with operational efficiency and launching new usage-based digital services. The long-term challenge is the efficient and scalable end-to-end automation and effective monetization of connected ecosystems.


Why Now?

Information is everywhere. It is mobile and connected. Our clock-speed has accelerated.

Minds and machines collaborate. The world is in your pocket, but that world is more complex.

We are living an emergent era of everything as a service. It is personalized, instant and output driven.

Insights originating from data facilitate systemic change. It is time for adaptive business systems embedded with speed, flexibility and transparency.

The emerging era is disruptive and just starting to scale. Is it opportunity or emergency for your business?

Build scalable business system capabilities for the era of connected service ecosystems now.

Where to Start?

Intelligent Automation to

Create Growth

100% guarantee for creating new services and business models enabled by IoT, analytics and end-to-end automation.

Ultimate flexibility in product packaging and pricing with multiple usage, performance and output based price drivers in the most complex pricing scenarios.

Speed up time to market by simulation and secure scalability to new business areas and markets. Forecast cash flow with accurate detailed level data.

Enable monetization in new service ecosystems end-to-end digital with speed and flexibility for the customer.

Pay-as-you-go and avoid slow and expensive ERP modifications or the route ‘fake it until you make it’

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate manual labor in collecting, mediating and consolidating data for charging and billing. Enhance controls.

Automate any and all customer specific pricing schemes of the accumulated service contract base and produce customer specific invoicing in an accurate and timely manner.

Automate provisioning, cost clearing, chargebacks and revenue recognition of service contracts (IFRS 15).

Remove complexity with end-to-end digital service processes. Cut lead times to accelerate working capital cycle.

Eliminate revenue leakage and invoice reclamations caused by human errors.

Enhance customer self-service with speed and customization. Utilize detailed level data for insight into customers and operations.

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Com4 in Norway needed a business support system with customer self-service portal that could cope with its demanding requirements and realize a customer driven strategy.

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What used to take a week Fujitsu now does in an hour or less.

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Enfo needed Intelligent automation for flexible pricing and billing data processing to deliver outstanding IT services for its’ customers.

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Intelligent Integration and APIs

Good Sign’s intelligent automation comes with over three hundred existing interfaces to IoT and ICT systems and devices. Good Sign provides the REST API for automating business processes involving 3rd party systems, Apps and Portal Interfaces.

Dynamic Data Input

General interfaces for data input and mediation are used with hundreds of systems. Dynamic data mapping allows for system and customer specific variable data.

Orchestrated Provisioning and Data Output

Provisioning interfaces orchestrate the exact system setup of customer specific services. Good Sign’s proficiency in interfacing with the required systems and technologies allows efficient and effective orchestration. We provide flexibility to manage services even in complex environments - multiple customers, multiple service brokers, multiple services and multiple suppliers.

Easy Integration With Service Management Systems

Good Sign integrates with service management tools.

If your company has implemented ServiceNow for service management, we provide a certified Good Sign integration for pricing and billing as well as automating other financial transactions throughout the service ecosystem.

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