AinaCom & the Ultimate Billing Machine.

AinaCom needed to find the billing system of the future, one that would strengthen their customer centric strategy and provide genuine leverage in a highly competitive market.

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AinaCom's billing environment was a complicated, multi-vendor patchwork of systems with limited functionality in service provisioning. They wanted to replace all the partial systems with one centralized management platform.

As a communication services innovator, Ainacom has always viewed service chain automation as one of its fundamental pillars of competitive strength. In 2009 they set off to find the perfect solution and started an extremely successful partnership with Good Sign Solutions. The results keep coming in.

The Background & Challenges

Back in 2007 AinaCom management believed that their incumbent systems were an impediment to further growth: Introducing new service products was too slow, and keeping service products and customer subscriptions up to date required large amounts of manual effort.
AinaCom professionals were frustrated with a complicated billing environment and a multi-vendor patchwork of systems with limited functionality in service provisioning. An inability, for example, to manage bundling and high level contracts did not represent the customer centric strategy of the company.

Could all those partial systems be centralized with one management platform?

AinaCom defined its requirements for the ultimate billing system in late 2007 and management set off to look for a new subscription handling and billing system.


About AinaCom

AinaCom provides IT communication services for more than 15,000 SME companies with 130 years of expertise. Ainacom is also a large virtual operator (xVNO) and serves as a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) for many partners. 

The company's mission is to relay text, image, sound, and moving images from one person to another, and thus to help customers succeed in their business.  

Aina Group’s turnover is 70 million euros and it has 400 employees.

Key solutions:

Good Sign for IT and Telecom:

  • Business and Operations Support System (B/OSS)
  • Digital Service Contracts | Customers Contracts, Vendor Contracts
  • Service Chain Automation | Service Product Management, Provisioning, Change Management
  • Financial Chain Automation | Clearing, Mediation, Rating, Billing
  • Orchestration for Integrations | Operations Support Systems, CRM, Bookkeeping, Billing Operator
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Partner Service Portal

Finding the Right Partner

AinaCom performed an extensive study to compare available software and potential service providers. With Good Sign their immediate feeling was a positive one. They were not only fully committed to delivering results, but also had an innovative yet clearly effective approach to service automation. Good Sign also represented a perfect cultural fit. 

Could Good Sign Deliver?

With a clear gap in service contract management and billing, the big question for management was: Can modern service automation orchestration really enhance efficiency and effectiveness? After all, AinaCom wanted to deliver configure-to-order service chains automatically and bill pay-per-use service contracts automatically, transparently and intelligently.

Could Good Sign's system ultimately combine both provisioning and billing for all AinaCom business lines involving many operational support systems (OSS) and networks? And do so now.

"With Good Sign we have been able to boost time to market for new products and strengthen our competitive advantage. We are able to continuously stay ahead of our competitors."


Sauli Österman
Development & Maintenance AinaCom


The Solution

The Good Sign system was first introduced in 2008. The trial period focused on one business area, namely mobile subscriptions. After some fine-tuning and added features, a much larger production environment ensued. By early 2009 Good Sign’s system catered to almost 20000 customers with considerable growth in numbers in subsequent years.

Where are we today? In 2015 AinaCom uses Good Sign in subscription provisioning and management, mediation, pricing, invoicing and as the customer service tool at the service desk. Good Sign serves all AinaCom business areas: mobile subscriptions, IP PBX, IP Centrex, communications software subscriptions and traditional fixed telephony.

AinaCom billing case

Good Sign - At the Core of AinaCom's Customer Centric Strategy

AinaCom product launches, contract management and change management are all fully automated from order to activation and billing. AinaCom has the ability to manage many concurrent networks and offer services to a large amount of resellers and customer groups.

AinaCom applies service activation and billing throughout all its business areas with many different products and different types of packaging and contract models. New service products are introduced quickly and product launches are efficiently simulated and tested in advance.

AinaCom has continually expanded the system and brought in new business segments as well as new areas of usage.

The Results

The system continues to deliver. 

With a unified and integrated communication service portfolio, AinaCom now offers its customers one contract for a wide range of services which include both traditional telecom service provider products as well as the latest IT solutions. Good Sign's solution mediates billing data, bringing it all together to produce one bill for each customer - or it can just as well produce a varied billing split desired by the customer.

AinaCom has succeeded in its original objectives, such as getting new products out to market much more efficiently. Manual labour has been substituted with intelligent automation in many parts of the value chain. One of the major areas of opportunity, billing, has been completely transformed. For example, the cost savings from reductions in manual work, headcount, product development and administration have been significant. 

The Customer at the Heart of the Business

With the customer at the center of everything AinaCom does, the solution has provided the most dramatic value through a much improved customer experience. Quality and accuracy as well as response times are on a new level. 

And let's not overlook transparency. All the information available regarding any active services or billing under all contracts is immediately at the disposal of customer service.

The Future Holds?

As development work continues the flexibility of the solution continues to be evident. New exciting steps are being taken with every passing moment and, according to Sauli Österman, "New features like flexible billing rules are now being implemented."

AinaCom is now integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Good Sign solution. Their goal is to integrate the customer relationship management (CRM) and configure-price-quote (CPQ) processes thus creating an end-to-end solution, which once again further reduces manual work and ensures quality throughout the value chain.

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