Energy Company Grows Customer Oriented Circular Economy Services

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. Fortum is the 9th largest heat producer in the world.

Fortum is actively investing in renewable energy and circulation.

HorsePower is a new circular economy service launched by Fortum. It is a full-service concept including delivery of bedding from sawmills to stables and collecting used bedding from stables to power plants. The service


  • Solves manure problem of horse stables by utilising horse manure in an environmentally friendly way
  • Utilises byproducts of forest industry by circulating sawdust, shavings etc. to stables as bedding material


Fortum designed HorsePower to be a full service concept for the horse stables and added delivery of bedding as a service element. For horse stables the benefits are clear – they will get rid of manure and get the needed bedding with a single subscription


In this video,  Anssi Paalanen, VP of Fortum Horse Power, talks about how they implemented Good Sign’s scalable solution for their services to support their future growth.  

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End-to-End Digitalization and Monetization for Subscription Services and Logistics Operations

Good Sign’s service business platform offers Fortum HorsePower end-to-end digitalization of both the service transactions and the financial transactions.

Good Sign’s automation is based on a rule-powered logic engine combined with dynamic data structures making it flexible and suitable for different kinds of business needs.


New Business Model Looking for Flexible Automation

How to find a business support system providing flexible and extensive automation and implement rapidly for a growth business with an expansion plan to several countries. Business support system should include at least:

  • Logistics chain management
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Pay-per-use billing
  • Ability to support future business models
  • End-to-end automation


Competitive Service with Effective Operation and Quick Cash Flow

  • Dynamic structures make customer specific pricing easy without massive manual work
  • Automatic, recurring creation of orders based on the subscription and customer feedback
  • Easy way for the transport operators to update delivered amounts almost real-time
  • Automatic rule-based invoicing based on the realized service execution
  • Ability to manage goods and services in the same software and thus supports changes in business model
  • All these together means significant decrease in back office work, improved service quality and a cash flow improvement of at least 15 days


”Good Sign’s solution helps us to streamline our sales and logistics management processes. I’m expecting a significant reduction in efforts and costs needed to manage our deliveries and invoicing. I’m glad that now we can focus on more value creating tasks. Now we are also able to monetize performed services faster than before”


Mr. Anssi Paalanen
VP, Fortum HorsePower


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