The New Level In Billing

With Good Sign's solution Fujitsu was able to decrease billing lead time by two weeks and eliminate manual mistakes. Now they are serving customers with detailed and relevant, tailored reports.

Billing personnel
decrease by

Time spent composing each bill
from 2 days to 20 minutes.
Decrease by

Fujitsu's goal was to achieve enhanced service excellence by combining man and machine, utilizing the very best in modern automation technology.

Transactions like billing used to take up a considerable amount of time and effort. Fujitsu tackled the opportunities of service automation. Today what used to take a week now takes an hour or less.

The Background & Challenges

At Fujitsu Nordic invoicing, for example, used to be a month behind actual service delivery. Basic tasks were eating up excessive resources.

For example in Fujitsu Finland, with up to 20 persons managing the billing infrastructure and trying to tackle the ever more complicated client contract scope and detailed billing requirements, top management realized that the entire process needed to be made more efficient and effective, rendering more precise information without loss of flexibility.

Fujitsu needed a solution which would act like an interpreter in between technical information and commercial contracts to enable a customer specific way of allocating expenses within their respective organizations.


About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the world’s fourth-largest ICT services and hardware provider. The Japanese company offers a wide range of technology products, ICT solutions and services. Fujitsu Nordic region comprises of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries employing all in all more than 4,500 people.

The vision of Fujitsu Group is a human-centric, intelligent society. Fujitsu provides ICT services for corporate customers and other organizations with cutting-edge service models and technologies.

Fujitsu Nordic region uses the Good Sign solution for full automation, customer contract management, cost management, chargebacks and billing for hundreds of thousands of end-users in over 400 customers. Also mobile phones and tablets are managed remotely with Good Sign® in 46 countries around the world. 

Key solutions:

  • Digital Service Contracts
  • Financial Chain Digitalization
  • Service Supply Chain Digitalization
  • Digital Vendor Contracts
  • Account Management Portal

The Empowered User

The age of digitalization and the cloud. Users now know what they need, how and when they need it.

The one-size-fits all approach to service packages is history. Service contents and service chains must be configured to respond to each customer’s needs. The demand for exact information on costs and usage in near-real time is self-evident. Competitiveness in the global services market requires a new set of efficiencies and an entirely new level of effectiveness.

As an innovator Fujitsu understood this development long ago. Yet despite extensive front end self service automation, manual labor continued to be the norm behind the scenes.

"What we needed was a next generation mediation and billing system. Honestly? It was something that didn't exist."

Good Sign - Case Fujitsu - Tero Lappalainen

Tero Lappalainen
Head of Tools & Automation
Managed Infrastructure Services EMEIA at Fujitsu

Automate Services?

With a clear gap in service contract management and billing, the big question for management was: Can modern service automation orchestration really enchance efficiency and effectiveness?

What if:

  • we could deliver configure-to-order service chains automatically?
  • bill pay-per-use service contracts automatically, transparently and intelligently?

The Solution

Billing is a support function, but at its best it can create remarkable added value to customers. Fujitsu's goal was to achieve enhanced service excellence by combining man and machine, utilizing the very best in modern automation technology. Good Sign's solution fit the need perfectly.

With Good Sign's solution Fujitsu has also been able to attach a time-line on each customer contract: Any service addition or deletion in the past, any active service now, and any planned change into the future is visible for each service contract. Fujitsu Nordic now provides its customers with a unified IT and telecom service experience.

The Results

Benefits are sometimes realized with a delay. Not this time. With Good Sign's solution Fujitsu has decreased billing lead time by two weeks or more. Work that required a small legion of people now deserves attention of two professionals - eliminating manual mistakes and serving customers with more detailed and relevant, tailored reports.


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