Service Ecosystem with Flexible Pricing, Customer Onboarding and Billing 

Technopolis implemented Good Sign for the internationally growing UMA Workspace services.

Risto Kivisilta, CIO, Technopolis:

"Now we have an agile and comprehensive solution with digitalized processes, including the way we serve our customers."

Good Sign Software automates customer onboarding, service catalogue, pricing, and charging of UMA workspace services at Technopolis.

Technopolis UMA Workspace is a modern and flexible coworking space for companies of all sizes offering flexible working and meeting room facilities and services to their clients.

Customers are in the core for Technopolis. New coworking concept needed a modern and flexible business system to enable smooth offering, pricing, onboarding and billing of services. Additionally, advanced flexibility was required to support the future developments and make it faster to launch new services and pricing. 

Tommy Kankkonen and Risto Kivisilta from Technopolis talk about how Good Sign helped them to automate pricing, onboarding and billing of UMA Workspace services.  



 About Technopolis

Technopolis provides efficient and flexible offices, coworking spaces and everything that goes with them.

Their services run from designing the workspace to reception, meeting solutions, restaurants and cleaning. Technopolis is obsessed with customer satisfaction and value creation. 

There are 17 campuses hosting 1,600 companies with 50,000 employees in six countries within the Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

Technopolis’s strategy is to grow services share of net sales to above 20% on all campuses – with increasing profitability. This means both more services and new kind of service concepts.

Technopolis Plc (TPS1V) is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

For more information: Technopolis

Technopolis Got Flexible and Automated Monetization Process for UMA Workplace Services

The Challenge

Technopolis needed a modern business system support for providing services to their customers.

The solution needed to

  • Enable customer self-service and automatic charging and billing
  • Enable fast time to market to launch new services and pricing
  • Enable flexible and automated pricing and billing
  • Provide capabilities to manage ecosystem-based services

The deployment schedule was tight. The offering and pricing as well as business and system architecture were still evolving during the project, while the solution had to be up and running in just four months when a new coworking space in Stockholm was opening.

The Solution

Technopolis renewed its business system architecture for UMA Workspace services in a four month MVP project with several partners. Good Sign and the other suppliers, worked in unison and delivered in time.

Good Sign Solution in core of Technopolis' service delivery:

  • Provides unique capability to manage the dynamic location-specific services and their pricing in several countries and currencies
  • Manages the active customer subscriptions, which also automatically controls the charging and invoicing process
  • Stores and monetizes the service consumption related to UMA Workspace, and offers it retrievable with API to other Technopolis systems
  • Automatically creates charges and sends invoices via electronic invoicing, email or alternatively processes recurring credit card payments

The Outcome and Benefits

Speed of customer onboarding was reduced from days to minutes and manual work from hours to zero minutes. 

The Benefits:

  • Flexible customer-centric services
  • Fast customer onboarding
  • Process and solution handles complex pricing in real-time
  • Dynamic service product and pricing management 
  • Automated charging and billing both online and with simple email invoicing 
  • Fast to launch new services
  • Quick deployment of future new UMA locations in new and existing countries
  • Manual work eliminated

"The Good Sign Solution enables us pricing on the fly - like no other front or back office system I have come across before. We can also create charges from the data automatically in real time.”


Tommy Kankkonen, Director of Development Technopolis

Tommy Kankkonen
Director of Development

Manage services as flexible as Technopolis.

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