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Microsoft dynamics enrichment


Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent choice for business systems architecture. Based on Microsoft architecture and technology, Good Sign is an evident option to add capabilities for supporting modern service business: pay- per use, subscriptions, data-driven pricing and billing.


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Good Sign enriches lead - opportunity - quote process with intelligent pricing and ability to support multi-dimensional, customer and data-driven pricing scenarios. Setting correct price for even complex customer contract model is easy. With Good Sign you gain new capabilities such as:

  • Flexible quotation-to-contract process and automated contract lifecycle management
  • Automated, customer contract-driven, pricing and billing
  • Intelligent invoice management with many options for invoice grouping and splitting
  • Customer portal for transparency and self-service
  • Support for all common charging models e.g. fixed, pay-per-use, volume, tier, and block
  • Support also for most complex dynamic, rule-based pricing scenarios

Good Sign communicates with Microsoft Dynamics using standard APIs. Intelligent pricing and billing may be added to any Microsoft Dynamics module. 

It is now easier than ever to launch modern subscription and pay-per-use services: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure connected with Good Sign Software.



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