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Welcome to a New Services Environment

Good Sign is a business software for Modern Service Providers and Service Ecosystems enabling usage and performance based value propositions, digitalized service fulfilment, flexible pricing schemas and automation of labor intensive data collection and reconciliation for billing and financial transactions. Our customers, such as Fortum and Fujitsu, gain a totally new level in speed and transparency of service revenues, accompanied with data accuracy and efficiency.




The Good Sign Solution eliminates:

  • Operational difficulty in monetizing services which are priced and packaged according to customer specific requirements
  • Slow and costly ITSM and ERP modifications to enable new business models
  • Excel spreadsheets and manual labor in gathering and pricing billing data
  • Manual labor in producing invoices to each customers’ business organization and specific cost allocation structures.

Our Customers are 100% guaranteed for being able to launch new digital service business models and pricing schemes.

Our Customers uncover 10% non-billed revenue resulting in 40% profit increase with 70% improved cash flow and 90% of manual administration eliminated.


“We struggled to find an exceptionally flexible solution to fully cover our needs in pricing and billing – and Good Sign delivered.”

Mr. Juhani Pajala
Director of Development 



of companies are exploring digitalization

Could Your Business Be Disrupted?

Will you create new services utilizing more information, more connectivity and more automation? Or by growing your customers’ loyalty and share of wallet by bringing them easy access to a complete service ecosystem? Or by rethinking who your customers are?

Or would you like to wait for someone else do it?

Good Sign’s Digital Services Platform is based on modern, scalable cloud technology. Its modular flexible design makes it suitable for new service business models as well as digitalizing existing service contract based business. 



"Good Sign’s solution helps us to streamline our sales and logistics management processes. I’m expecting a significant reduction in efforts and costs needed to manage our deliveries and invoicing. I’m glad that now we can focus on more value creating tasks. Now we are also able to monetize performed services faster than before”

VP, Fortum Horsepower

Anssi Paalanen


Digitalize and automate for higher business results

By digitalizing service contracts, service chains and billing, businesses in digitalized telecom, IT & internet of things services can achieve dramatic savings in lead times and handling costs.

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