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Transparency to waltti travel tickets by clearing calculation

Jun 21, 2017 10:09:54 AM

Enfo and Good Sign have together implemented a transparent clearing calculation of the proceeds and customer amounts of the Waltti travel card area. This clearing service has been generated for the ELY Centres of Central Finland, North Ostrobothnia and Northern Savonia for one year now. The local traffic contractors and municipalities can also profit from the service.

Waltti is a public transport travel card that, according to the vision, could be used as the travel card that encompasses all Finnish urban areas.

The end users can check the system for detailed info on journeys made in the Waltti area, by travel type and by traffic contractor. The service enables the reimbursement payers (the ELY Centres and the municipalities) and the traffic contractors to check, for example, how many journeys schoolchildren have made in which area, line or departure.

“There is a huge amount of traveling done in the Waltti area yearly, and the monies from this have to be then distributed between many different stakeholders. Therefore, the clearing service must be, for everyone concerned, up-to-date, equal and cost-efficient. The clearing service, implemented together by Enfo and Good Sign, have brought the billing and payments up-to-date and to a level that serves all the stakeholders in the best way,” states Jari Paasikivi, CEO, LMJ.

The transparency for ticket revenue reimbursements, ELY Centre’s, municipality subventions and Kela subsidies on the rise

“The traffic contractors will be able to see what the revenues of journeys by stakeholder are made of, without ambiguity and on a daily basis. The euros can be allocated to departure and bus line levels together with the passenger amounts. The system encompasses the different revenue types of transport such as customer incomes, municipality subventions and other types of subsidies. This enables a transparent and just way of calculating and distributing the total revenue,” says Satu Huttunen, Northern Savonia ELY Centre Public Transport Representative.

Enfo and Good Sign implemented the calculating service for the ticket revenue reimbursements in a two-phase and rapidly implemented schedule

The clearing service was implemented in two phases, making it possible to produce the most urgent accounting reports immediately after signing the contract. The service development has been continued alongside the monthly accounting reports, making it possible to make use of the development results immediately in both the accounting and accounting reporting.

“This case clearly shows the complex systems Enfo is able to automatize, together with producing quality, transparent and visual data to companies. This way the resources will be freed from manual, time consuming tasks, and the working hours can be used in a more rational way,” states Tero Kosunen, Enfo EVP & Managing Director, Financial Process Services.

”Modern services are user centric. Modern service providers bring service users easy access to added value and more comprehensive services. – just like LMJ’s Waltti enables simple travel around Finland with a single travel card. LMJ is a novel service ecosystem and similarly a forerunner in utilizing Good Sign’s novel software capability for automated rule-based clearing of billing and financial transactions between the many parties involved in providing the services.”, states Good Sign’s CEO Taija Engman.


For additional information, please contact:

Jari Paasikivi, CEO, TVV Lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy, jari.paasikivi@lmj.fi, Tel. 040 8663468
Satu Huttunen, Public Transport Representative, North Savonia ELY centre, satu.huttunen@ely-keskus.fi, tel. +358 29 5026709
Tero Kosunen, EVP and Managing Director, Financial Process Services, Enfo, tero.kosunen@enfo.fi, tel. +358 50 4441200
Taija Engman, CEO, GoodSign, taija.engman@goodsignsolutions.com, tel. +358 50 3725142

TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy is an IT services and procurement company jointly owned by municipalities and the State. The company operates in over 20 key urban regions all over Finland. The aim of the company is to procure, develop and maintain the Waltti ticketing and payment system, shared by the competent authorities in public transport. Further information is available at www.lmj.fi

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Taija Engman
Written by Taija Engman

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