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Check out the brochures to see a quick overview of industry-specific solutions.

Good Sign for IT Service Providers

ICT Industry has been a forerunner in changing its business model from selling assets towards full-service solutions including usage-based billing. Communication service providers have introduced and mastered volume subscription business.


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Good Sign for Service Ecosystems

The transformation from product-selling to data-driven services and service ecosystems is creating new challenges for companies. Even already established service businesses need to transform from point-to-point operations towards connected services and eventually into service ecosystems.


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Good Sign for Industrial Service Providers

Industrial Service providers are rapidly changing business models from selling assets towards full-service solutions including usage-based billing. Customers are becoming receptive to pay per use and per capacity billing solutions. 


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What are the trends in the servitizing world? Check out our Infographics to keep up with the tide.

Intelligent Automation Extends Business Capability

Enable fast expansion and keep cost structure in control with efficient automation when entering to new product categories and markets. Minimize risks with good compliance and control.


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From Products to Services

The customer experience will be more important for the customers than the product or service itself. Investments in product-based development will decrease by 37% this decade. Download the infographics: "Decade of Servitization" describing interesting research findings affecting service business.


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Benefits of Intelligent Automation

This infographic shows the major business benefits of billing automation. See the infographic to view the ways to achieve better results in modern-day recurring service ecosystems. 


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Why and how should I improve? Don't worry, with these materials you are basically good to go!

The Why and How: Good Sign Billing for ServiceNow

In addition to streamlined service management, the customers also want mass customized contracts and pricing invoiced according to their specific requirements.


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A Quick Guide to Recurring Revenue Business Models

Recurring fees may be based on a fixed-fee model, pay-per-use or pay-per-outcome – and often also some combination of these. How to get the most out of them?


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The Why and How: Automating Billing Data Correctly

See how to automate billing data correctly and avoid the pains of manual data collecting and reconciling. Download our free Quick Guide.


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Videos and Podcasts

Sometimes reading intense materials is too time-consuming. That's why we have prepared a solid selection of videos and podcasts, just for you.


Agile Billing Podcast

How to get started with agile billing? What should you know and how to prepare for developing your recurring revenue billing?

In MGI Research’s 30-minute podcast Igor Stenmark, Managing Director at MGI Research and Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign, discuss Agile billing.


Taija Engman's Interview at Monetize 13 Event

Taija Engman was interviewed at Monetize 13 Event in March 2020. She discusses Pricing, Billing, and Monetization.

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CEO of Good Sign, Taija Engman at MGI Research's Monetize 11 Event

Taija Engman, Founder, and CEO of Good Sign at Monetize 11 event, Amsterdam in February 2019. She talks about how service businesses can automate pricing, billing, and monetization.


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Good Sign Customers video

Good Sign customers in the spotlight.  Automate pricing, billing, and monetization, assuring no lost revenue unlike mere ERP suites or plain subscription billing systems.


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Customer Case Com4

Com4 uses Good Sign Software for end-to-end automation from pricing and provisioning to billing and customer self-service. 


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Customer Case Enfo

Enfo needed an intelligent automation solution for flexible pricing and billing data processing to deliver outstanding IT services for its’ customers. In modern business, digitalized operations can be a game-changer.


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Customer Case Fortum HorsePower

Fortum uses Good Sign for end-to-end automation from pricing and service activation to manage logistics process and billing. Since the HorsePower business model differs from Fortum's traditional business, they needed a solution that could help them manage subscription-based and logistics-intensive business model.

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Customer Case Technopolis

Technopolis uses Good Sign to automate customer onboarding, service catalog, pricing, and billing of UMA workspace services. 


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Good Sign Billing Application for ServiceNow

In addition to streamlined service management, the customers also want mass customized contracts and pricing invoiced according to their specific requirements.


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The Internet of Things & Services Podcast Series #2: Thomas Hedenborg

Find out about the potential delivered by digitalization in the industrial business. New era conducts new methodology and the conventional boundaries must be crossed. 


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The Internet of Things & Services Podcast Series #1: Red Herring Global 100 Awards Insights

Insights and key takeaways by Franz Reuchlein, VP Sales of Good Sign. Listen to the Good Sign Special podcast from Los Angeles Red Herring Global Top 100 event.


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FIIF - End-to-End Digitalization

The conference was held on September 2016. Janne Kivilaakso from Good Sign sharing his views of End-to-End Business Digitalization and how companies can create a competitive advantage in the era of service ecosystems.


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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015

Good Sign Solutions is one of the Winners of Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015. See CEO Taija Engman's presentation about business automation software at Nokia headquarters.


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Cases and Other material

You have made it to the bottom? We really need to prepare more stuff to satisfy hunger for more. Well, anyway this category holds our 'uncategorized' materials. Maybe there is some fancy easter egg waiting.

Fujitsu's New Level In Billing

Fujitsu's goal was to achieve enhanced service excellence by combining man and machine, utilizing the very best in modern automation technology. With Good Sign's solution, Fujitsu was able to decrease billing lead time by two weeks and eliminate manual mistakes.


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ITSMF Conference Presentation

The conference was held in October 2015 on Helsinki, Finland. The presentation includes the common gaps in IT Service Management Automation and shows you how automating the business setup can be managed.


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